Why Santorini’s wine industry is a total basket-case!

There is, in general, a water-shortage on the island of Santorini. People barely have enough to drink and for their daily use. Therefore, there is absolutely no means of irrigation. Inspite of this, the island produces some of the best varieties of tomatoes 🍅, cucumbers, legumes and award-winning wines from its vineyards. The soil of […]

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Why is this airport considered the most dangerous in the world?

Even the most hardened of frequent fliers get queasy landing at this airport consisting of a narrow runway that is less than 2 kms long flanked by a longish, pagoda roofed, green  terminal buildings on one side and a gentle river on the other. The serenity of Bhutan awaits you after you land, but before […]

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An Ode to my favourite food on World Sushi Day

I just found out that today, 18th June 2016 is World Sushi Day! Apparently it has been around since 2009 and it has a very simple purpose – to encourage people around the world to eat Sushi. One is supposed to “celebrate” the World Sushi Day by having a plate of Sushi. I likely won’t […]

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