An Ode to my favourite food on World Sushi Day

I just found out that today, 18th June 2016 is World Sushi Day! Apparently it has been around since 2009 and it has a very simple purpose – to encourage people around the world to eat Sushi. One is supposed to “celebrate” the World Sushi Day by having a plate of Sushi. I likely won’t […]

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The Art of Making Fire – by the men of Masaai Mara

The rawness of their existence has taught the Masaai people a lot of survival arts. One among them that they themselves rate very high is the Art of Making Fire which comes in handy when they have to run after their cattle that has strayed into the forests and they have to end up staying […]

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Cooking Pasta in a Tuscan Country Home – Florence

Whenever I travel to far off places, I very often feel this sudden urge to enter homes there…just to be a fly on the wall and see whats going on. Just see the locals going on about their home doing their everyday things that they do. I want to go sit with them and ask […]

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