Monthly Archives: February 2018

These indigenous people have been here for 9000 years!

Like all mountain people who live in difficult terrains, Ylva Sarri has a perpetual, glowing serenity on her face and her eyes have a twinkle that reflects the purity of nature she is surrounded with. She is very soft spoken but her straight frame beneath the beautiful ethnic Sami clothes tells you that she could […]

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This Luxury Hotel in Marseilles was once a premier hospital!

It served as the premier hospital for the bustling city of Marseilles in the south of France for 800 years! (It is famous for pathbreaking Cataract eye operations). Built in French Baroque style originally and inaugurated by Napoleon the 3rd himself, this historic building is now a beautiful, luxury hotel – the intercontinental Hotel Dieu. […]

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Why Berries should be a part of your Swedish Breakfast

The Swedes love their berries. During the summers – days of endless sun, the forests get laden with a huge variety of berries. These are abundant in anti-oxidants and help to survive the long, dark & cold winters. It is common to head out into the wild during the summers with a basket to collect […]

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