Monthly Archives: June 2016

An Ode to my favourite food on World Sushi Day

I just found out that today, 18th June 2016 is World Sushi Day! Apparently it has been around since 2009 and it has a very simple purpose – to encourage people around the world to eat Sushi. One is supposed to “celebrate” the World Sushi Day by having a plate of Sushi. I likely won’t […]

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Ditch the Paella go for the Fideua

Spain’s most renowned dish is obviously the Paella. While the Paella is undoubtedly a delicious dish as long as it’s not the manufactured versions that you get on La Ramblas and other touristy areas, there’s a similar dish that will send your palate into overdrive – the FIDEUA! Fideua is made of short pasta instead […]

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10 Croatian sights that will give you wanderlust

The Game of Thrones is shot here and it’s giving Ibiza a serious run for it’s money! Like that wasn’t reason enough, we’re giving you 10 sights that will get your bags packing and tickets ready to this exotic land of Croatia. Postcard perfect waterfalls View this post on Instagram Just another beautiful day in […]

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